So I have (2) HVAC systems in the attic (2) UV Lights in the attic ducts downstream of the blower(s) (powered by a standalone 120v outlet)

I would like to power the UV lights when the HVAC / blower is running

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated,


The wiring diagram for the Amana unit appears to show a connection for an optional mains-powered electronic air cleaner. This might be just right for your use. You'll have to find literature from the furnace to confirm how much power that connection can support, confirm that terminals you can use are available on the circuit board, and confirm that the power requirement of the UV lamps is compatible with what the furnace control can provide.

The Carrier unit is a little more clear about its support for an electronic air cleaner. The legend printed under the wiring diagram shows terminals EAC-1 and EAC-2 are for powering an air cleaner at 115 V with current up to 1.5 A. I'd guess those terminals are going to be 1/4" blade quick-connect type.

For both systems you'd have to check the manuals, or simply experiment, to discover when the control turns on the EAC output.

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  • Yeah, it looks like they can power the UV bulbs directly off the EAC outputs of the furnaces in question, even – ThreePhaseEel Jun 22 at 23:58

Not sure how elaborate you want to get with this. You could mount an air flow paddle switch in the duct work, cord it into a junction box where it ties into the UV light fixture cable and feed the box from your 120V outlet. You'd need one setup for each HVAC system.

enter image description here

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  • I am not opposed to simple and effective - how expensive are they ? A quick google search puts them around $75ea (if I am looking at the right items) – Mike P. Jun 20 at 19:15

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