I have a Bonaire MB3-20I and it won't turn on unless I go in the roof and turn the socket off and then on again. When this is done, it stays on for as long as needed, but when we turn the heating off again from the thermostat, the process has to be repeated the next time we want it on. The thermostat is not showing any code or anything else and can be navigated normally, even when it does not turn on the unit. Any idea of what I could do before booking a pretty expensive service check?

  • > interested in heater this time of year > go ogle part number, mostly .au resellers see, this is how my geolocation radar works :) Now, in AU do appliances have low-voltage thermostats like the US, or mains-voltage thermostats like UK? – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jun 19 at 4:08

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