I am trying to find out what fixtures to purchase for this valve ? I found some numbers on these, but even googling them the entire day did not result in anything fruitful. Hoping if someone knows which model /make is compatible with this ? Lots of pics here: Valve BacksideValve cartridge

If you think this is Moen, can I just put in any moen cartridge and we're good to go ? Can you point me to the one available on amazon that can be installed ? More pictures of the cartridge here

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    A couple more photos and even the numbers you found may be helpful , the back of the valve would also help here. – Ed Beal Jun 18 at 23:02
  • That black plastic part should screw off, remove it and add another pic please; we need to see more of the valve stem area. I believe it is Moen by initial look at the end of the stem, but another pic would help confirm... – Jimmy Fix-it Jun 19 at 0:02
  • Do you have any of the old trim? If so, include those in your pic. – Jimmy Fix-it Jun 19 at 0:04

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