Why is water from the dispenser slow after replacing the water filter on my GE Profile refrigerator? Plus, it is not making ice - can that be related?

A couple of months ago it stopped making ice. I turned the ice machine on and off that didn't work. I changed the water filter in the refrigerator and that didn't work either - but now the water is flowing extremely slow.

I contacted the building super (I rent a condo apt) and he said it could be the refrigerator temp is too low so he increased it. That didn't help either.

I read other questions about the water coming out slow from the dispenser and it being a filter issue. I'm wondering if the filter issue could be causing it to not make ice too?

Please advise what to do to fix this.

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    Is the filter installed correctly? Is there some packaging that should've been removed and wasn't? Have you tried reinstalling the original filter as a test? – isherwood Jun 16 at 18:25

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