A 4" PVC pipe connected to a heater in a basement. The pipe passes through a wall to the street level. When the heater operates (2-3 hours a day) there is a high pitch sound coming from the pipe. When I put my hand on the pipe the high pitch sound is significantly faded. What material / cover would you suggest me to use? Perhaps a foam or a certain cover? Thank you.

  • I would imagine that some minimally-expanding spray foam where the pipe passes through the wall would work to dampen the vibration leading to the sound. The more important question is "what's causing the vibration leading to the sound?" That strikes me as quite unusual – FreeMan Jun 10 at 16:58
  • The high efficiency furnaces with PVC exhaust that I have heard , make a quiet low pitch rumble sound ;Agree with @ Freeman, check out the source. – blacksmith37 Jun 10 at 21:18
  • It's my neighbor's heater, so it will be difficult to convince them to bring someone (but I will work on that). I can tell you that I measured the tone of the sound today, and the most distinct one is a pure tone of around ~1900 Hz. What do you think? – UK_Cambridge Jun 11 at 3:13
  • I was told at a hardware store to find a solution that doesn't block the hot air. But there didn't have an idea how to do that. Any additional thoughts please? – UK_Cambridge Jun 15 at 15:11

An update - an Elbow 4" PVC was placed and seems to reduce noise levels by 10% - 20% (a subjective estimation). It's not a perfect solution, but pretty reasonable. Thanks.

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