I want to add a 220v 20 amp breaker to run a mini split A/c. I only have 1 space in the box left. I see there are other tandem switches in there. I also see 2 regular breakers with blue switches. I looked up and see that they are most likely GFCI breakers. I also see that they don't seem to make a tandem GFCI. So, can I install a tandem breaker, remove the 2 gfci breakers, and install gfci outlets in the wet locations? That would give me the 1 slot I need.enter image description here

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    The blue-handled breakers are not GFCI (or AFCI), as evidenced by the lack of "test" button and looking up the specs of the "Type BR115" marking. They're just from a different era than the black-handled breakers, an era when type BR breakers used color-coding for different amperages. – nobody Jun 10 at 16:19
  • Are you sure the "blue" breaker on the left isn't a spare, no label? Your two slots would be right there. – JACK Jun 10 at 16:44
  • Is replacing one of the existing two-pole breakers with a quadruplex off the table? – ThreePhaseEel Jun 10 at 16:51
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    @FreeMan -- it's 20A on the outer poles and 40A on the inner poles (although that's a bit hard to see from the photo given) – ThreePhaseEel Jun 10 at 17:03
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    Also, what does the outer pair of handles on the breaker labeled "Range" control? – ThreePhaseEel Jun 10 at 17:04

I don't see any GFCI's. Your cheapest route is to replace the blue handled 15A shed breaker with a BR1515 and add the wires from the unmamrked 15A circuit on the left to the additional termination you just added to the shed space. That's a lot cheaper than buying any quadplex.

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  • Thank you for your expertise! – calculus Jun 11 at 13:29

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