I have a precise question about what my walls are getting up to, and reading the experiences of others hasn’t helped much.

I have a vivreal studfinder that includes metal and ac sensors, and plaster walls.

I recently installed 9 screws over a 5’ x 5’ area in a corner of my house, 3 into studs and 6 using plastic anchors (I’m just hanging some art prints, I’ve hung a couple dozen things in this house without problems). I scanned the entire area and then carefully scanned around each potential hole before I started drilling, and the prints have been hanging in peace for about two weeks.

I have some more prints that I want to hang, I marked where I’d drill the holes when I was hanging the first round. I wanted to double-check before going for it today, and the AC sensor is suddenly hollerin at me. It yells over the exact spot I want to put this hole, or sometimes 2” above and to either side (along some pencil marks I’d made to keep my holes even). Placing my hand against the wall immediately stops this, but causes it to go off in a different spot that doesn’t get any reaction if my hand is off the wall. It also goes off in the exact center of where my previous holes were drilled.

The spot I’m aiming for is 2-3 inches from a stud, and the nearest outlet is a diagonal 3’ below. This corner is also the literal exact opposite corner from where my house connects to outside power lines.

I think the studfinder is just confused, but I haven’t found anything about the science behind it online. Would anyone mind explaining what’s going on here?

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