I'm installing a new chimney style hood, with a 6" exhaust that vents through the ceiling. The fan I'm replacing has an 8" pipe, which vents out of the roof of the house. The issue that I'm having is i can't seem to fit a 8"->6" reducer and get the ductwork from the hole in my ceiling to the hole in the roof of my attic.

The complication is that there is an offset between the attic hole and the ceiling hole, so i need to use 2 90" elbows to get the offset just right, if i add the reduce that I have (roughly 8" long) i overshoot the offset.

Is it possible to buy a elbow reducer, that both rotates 90" degrees and reduces from 8" to 6"? If so what are they called/where an i find it?

  • Welcome. Shopping questions are off-topic here, so you might revise to ask for solutions rather than products. You'd want to provide more detail, such as dimensions. – isherwood Jun 8 at 15:35

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