I have a sillcock that I want to replace though I can not tell if it is threaded on or soldered. I have tried turning it but it will not budge. If it is soldered, will it be hard to un-solder and re-solder the new one on? enter image description here

UPDATE (question):
How can I find out what length I need to by for my sillcock?

  • It looks s if those two pipes are already separated. – JACK Jun 2 at 23:37
  • It is hard to tell in the picture but at the end of the sillcock the pipe widens. So that may be why it looks like they are not connected. – SchoolBusesC2 Jun 2 at 23:43
  • it looks as though the knurled section is threaded on – jsotola Jun 3 at 0:57
  • @jsotola I think the knurled section is part of the threads and used to tighten the threads into a female threaded end but the water pipe was fitted inside. – JACK Jun 3 at 1:13
  • where is the sillcock in relation to that picture? – jsotola Jun 3 at 1:19

That sillcock appears to be soldered on to the water pipe. There should have been a female adapter soldered on to the water pipe and then the sillcock would just screw onto the water pipe. You've got a few options here:

1) Cut the water pipe, solder a female adapter on the water pipe and screw in a new sillcock.

2) Cut the water pipe and get a SharkBite sillcock and shove it onto the water pipe.

3)Unsolder the existing sillcock, clean up the water pipe and solder a new sillcock onto the water pipe.

I would be doing the first option as it makes future replacements easier.

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