I used the Bathworks re-glaze kit on my bathtub. I did amazing prep but then I used too much paint.

The entire thing started to slide and then I got drips that I was unable to get rid of. Now that it is dried I'm wondering if I can gently sand out the drips with fine grit.

I have read that I could sand and then follow by using a polisher with a rubbing compound.

Has anyone done this? Tips welcome.

  • Welcome to Home Improvement! Have you read the instructions, visited the manufacturers web site and/or contacted them via phone or email? They would be the authoritative source on their product... While you're waiting on a response (from them or from us) feel free to take the tour and read through the help center so you'll know how to get the best from this site. – FreeMan Jun 2 '20 at 18:48
  • I have polished out a drip or two using very fine paper wet and buffed out finishes but a slip or slide I’d a big area and may be tough but it’s worth a try I use 1200 grit to start but a big area or larger may require 600 or 400 to start then go finer and finish buff. – Ed Beal Jun 3 '20 at 18:51

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