I assigned a contractor to install a new window at basement. I bought the window 33x40 and material with the contractor in Home Depot. The contractor cut the wall and installed well.

Two days later I showed it to friends and found a lot water when i opened it and it was difficult to close. When e checked the window label i found "install vertically only".

In advance of starting, I said to position it horizontal since the Home Depot window associate said that the window can be horizontal or vertical.

Now, the contractor said that this is my responsibility, and he could come back to drill holes for drainage.

I am wondering if it's enough as a repair, and if it's a problem when to sell the house.


Any contractor worth his hammer would've noticed that and brought it to your attention. The window needs to be replaced or installed vertically as intended. Whether he's liable is a contractual issue and off-topic here.

Drainage holes are not an adequate solution. The window will not continue to operate well over time. The hardware isn't designed for sideways loading. Nor are the weather seals, as you've discovered. For these reasons it may well be an issue at sale time in addition to being an operational and weather issue.

Best of luck.

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  • my 2 Cent-after just ordering and having windows installed. Yes - the window model can be installed with width and length in either directions, but when ordering you specify which dimition is v & h, then the window is made with proper drainage and the window opening and closing in the horizontal direction. If you want the windows to open in the vertical direction, you open that model, with the dimitions in the direction you want. – Programmer66 Jun 1 at 19:49
  • That's a rare feature. I don't believe I've ever seen that since the channels are usually very different for top/bottom and sides. – isherwood Jun 1 at 19:56
  • Agreed with Isherwood, the flange on the top and bottom and the sides are different. Top and bottom have added strength to support the window and design for the drainage to collect and be diverted to the bottom to exit. – Programmer66 Jun 1 at 19:58
  • I am not saying the same model, Horizontal model opening and vertical opening style. Not one model that does both. – Programmer66 Jun 1 at 20:00
  • In other words, why did he purchase a horizontal model and install it sideways when he should have ordered it in the proper dimensions in the V and H. – Programmer66 Jun 1 at 20:04

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