Connect two LP-GAS High-Eff +95% Furnaces to one LP Tank will reduce supplier refill to one location on House. Furnaces 100K BTU and 60K BTU. To reduce refill to one location (currently two tanks on opposite sides of house). Running from current 100K furnace tank to 60K furnace at 90 feet (short+elbows+bends) using 1" - 100% Sch 40 Black Pipe end to end (no flex, no unions, only right hand-clockwise on couplings). Based on charts, 1" will support run given second inline regulator for 60K furnace. I plan to run Sch 40 under 5' concrete floor crawl space drop down 4" from rafters. Is distance at 4" from rafters a problem? Can it be closer? Code does not spec in my district.

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    Is the tank rated to support 160K BTU? If not, you'll have trouble with it freezing up. – jwh20 Jun 1 at 17:28

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