So I would like to use a Nest thermostat on my carrier system. I have the ABCD wiring configuration from current thermostat to the board on the furnace. On the attached image, you'll see three brown wires. First wire goes to the thermostat, the second wire is seated with the first wire on the green terminal block which goes to the air compressor outside. Then you'll notice spliced off on the side is a third brown wire, which is for a humidifier. I see the terminals for the more "universal" y1, w2, etc not being used. There is a wire being used on the common terminal for what looks like it is in use helping power the humidifier.

I get that I might need to change some dip switches and obviously move wiring configurations over from green block to the other terminals. I feel confident doing that myself. I am just looking for some help on how to do it. Each of the brown wires have five total colored wires in them if that helps.

Any assistance would be great! Thanks

Furnace model number: 58VA090 - - - 15116

Outside unit: 24ANB736A300

enter image description here

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