Any tips on patching two small holes on an in-ground Pool liner. It’s two penny-sized holes and they’re right above the water line. I have some leftover original liner so I was hoping to try and match it.enter image description here


To tell the truth “don’t try to match over a good seal” in my teen years we installed many in-ground “concrete” bottom pools with liners to avoid taxes. I haven’t tried to patch one in over 15 years so the adhesives may be much better but my best advice from the past is make sure the seal is good no matter what a new liner is much more expensive than a difference in the pattern. We used to order extra liner for patches yours could be like this , get a pro to do it with the best “glue” this is the best advice I could give having patched a few and getting chem burns trying to get it exact.

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  • "...in-ground “concrete” bottom pools with liners to avoid taxes..." -- how's that work, Ed? – Greg Nickoloff May 30 at 2:46
  • Very similar to full concrete bottom pools normally a steel side wall Munson? Was one of the best because we could order custom bottoms like 8’ at one end 4’ at the other 36’ oval was quite popular. In Northern California. There were full concrete lined pools but we only did a few of these as they did not save much on the install cost only the tax savings because of the liner they were considered temporary. – Ed Beal May 30 at 3:08

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