I have changed light, it was quite messy 4 cables of each color so when I have finally put everything in and turned the electricity on again all worked, but when I wanted turn it off the fuse went down. Any ideas? Thank you

Here is the new light: New light

Here is the old light: Old light

  • I've edited your post to include the images. Please double check to ensure I've properly labeled the new and old wiring. – FreeMan May 29 at 18:21
  • OK, what actually happened was you hooked it all up this way while the switch was off. When you turned on the circuit breaker, the light was on. (for a reason lol). You wanted the light off, so you flipped the switch. The switch already was off, now it's on. The switch being on tripped the breaker. – Harper - Reinstate Monica May 29 at 18:27
  • Thank You for editing, its correct. So shall i undo it when the switch is off and try it again? – Jakub Picka May 29 at 20:37

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