I have a submersible pool cover pump that keeps triggering the GFCI outlet. I know the pump is the problem because I have another, identical pump that does not trigger the outlet. I'd like to try to repair the pump. I assume there's a short in it somewhere but how do I find it? Can anyone make suggestions for troubleshooting steps?

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It's not about a short. It's about insulation leakage. Tear it down and look for any place where electricity is able to contact where it should not, or places where debris is able to form a conductive path where it should not. You can paint it with insulating paint, or epoxy.


Had that problem with a hot tub. Little caterpillars(?) were attracted to the heat perhaps?, and bridged the insulation gap between the heater and grounded sleeve, resulting in a current path to ground. This is exactly the situation that GFCIs are designed to detect and trip for, because of the likelihood that a human is part of the current path to ground. Start disconnecting things until the issue goes away, then investigate. An ohmmeter might be helpful, along with a bright light.

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