I'm going to repaint a ceiling that has a faux finish and a clear topcoat on it. The faux finish is some kind of yellow smear and the topcoat a rather low sheen, I would say satin. Is it necessary to prime with something like INSL-X Stix because of the clear coat, or can I get away with using ceiling paint directly on top?

  • Harper gave great advise. If after your test it is apparent that the old finish will not accept paint very well then i would recommend a good Bonding primer. – Alaska Man May 24 at 17:49
  • Hi @AlaskaMan - it's more useful to vote up a good answer (if you think Harper's is good, please give it a vote) and if you have further answers, please post as answers, not comments. – Rory Alsop May 24 at 18:15

As for the paint compatibility, the standard advice is to either paint an innocuous area and try it, or do a crosshatch test.

The low sheen is caused by the paint being intentionally "bumpy". That tends to produce good binding to the next coat, so I would expect reasonable results.

The other reason we use primer is as a "barrier coat" to assure chemical compatibility (that the paints don't react to each other or fail to stick). Again a paint or crosshatch test will reveal that.

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