Seeking advice on securing 4x4 wood columns ( posts, likely SPF or similar ) to a porch consisting of 2" bluestone atop a ( minimum ) 4" concrete slab ( pretty sure it's thicker ).

The Posts are load-bearing columns that will attach to beams supporting the porch roof, which are attached at the other side of the porch to a ledger on the side of the house.

They will be adequate to bear the load, as I am replacing similar posts that are deteriorating ( and unfortunately were sunk into the concrete when cast.) The bluestone is newly installed.

Specifically, my main question regards securing the base of the column.

I plan to use Simpson ABU44Z post bases, and am wondering what kind of anchor would be best suited for my 2"-bluestone-on-mortar-on-concrete base? I expect water in the anchor hole to be minimal, as the porch top is a good 8" off the ground, there is of course a roof, and I will be wrapping the post with PVC and likely caulking the top and bottom of the wrap to keep water out as much as possible.

One explicit concern I have is the possibility of hitting re-bar in the concrete, but I suspect I can get past that by using a high-quality carbide bit in the rotary hammer and going slow if I do hit re-bar.

Beyond the bottom-anchoring, any advice on securing the top would be welcome. I'm imagining that strong stainless steel screws driven toe-nailing style through the top of the post into the beam will do the job, but I'm a woodworker, not a carpenter, so am not sure about that.

Concerning the connection at the top: Is there some sort of bracket similar to the post base I'm using, that is favored by people who know what they're doing, and that can be hidden or rendered relatively unobtrusive ?

Thank you in advance!

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