Is it possible to somehow connect this air conditioner? Would I have to simply change the outlet receptacle to the one it could connect to? Can I buy some sort of an adapter? Is it easier to return this air conditioner and get a 110V?


No, there is no magic doohickey to solve this problem. Not least because it introduces a bunch of other satellite problems.

These aren't like "Windows vs Mac" 2 incompatible flavors of the same thing 240V is actually more powerful, so an A/C unit would not be made 240V unless that was necessary to power its functionality. So a 240V A/C will probably overdraw a 15A circuit even if you used the (non-cheap) tech to convert.

The right thing is to take it back and get an appropriate A/C. How did the salesman not have this conversation with you and make sure you had 240V power available? Don't do business with them again, they stink at their job!

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    Another salesman with Swiss Cheese knowledge (where'd I get that from). Definitely take it back. It's not worth the effort to jury rig it and you'll probably void the warranty. +
    – JACK
    May 23 '20 at 23:33

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