I am planning to build a wooden terrace near my summer house.

I have about 35 leftover steel reinforced concrete slabs that are 137x31x3 cm in size. They weigh about 30-50kg each. I would like to use these slabs as a base for the terrace.

I have asked a few people and everyone said I would have to also make concrete columns (footers) underground to support these slabs. Those columns would be around 50cm high and 10cm in diameter. It seems to me that if I make these columns then I don't need the slabs themselves.

Is there a way to make a decent base from the slabs alone? My idea was to lay them one on top of another on the ground, dig them in a bit, 5 cm or so, and attach the terrace at a few points.

The ground is dirt with some sand mixed in. Is there a way I can prepare the ground so it's more solid? I am currently making it flat and will cover it with landscape fabric (to prevent grass from growing) and then will pour coarse sand/gravel on it about 2cm deep. I was planning to lay the slabs on top of the sand/gravel

Here is a link to my sketch of it all. https://ibb.co/tQjVj75

Blue squares are the slabs, pencil marks are the supportive beams for the terrace. 5x15 boards. Spaced out at 90cm intervals.

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