I am installing a Sauna-core 6Kw vaporizer model SV manual PDF

A UL listed LFMC with a temperature rating of 105C is requested for the wiring from the heater to the box. Where can I find a few feet of this? Should the box to transition to the NM in the wall be mounted in the wall, or inside the sauna?

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  • If you've got a friend who is a professional electrician, he may have some laying around from a recent job, or she might find some at the shop. Otherwise, you go to the store and buy some. Most US big-box hardware/lumber stores sell a variety of wiring by the foot or in precut rolls/spools. If you can't find it at the big box, head to your local electrical supply house - almost guaranteed they'll have it. They may not have the 5-10' you need, but, they may have the end of a spool they're willing to part with, cheap. – FreeMan May 18 at 16:34
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    Yeah, an electrical supply house is the first place I'd go. Chicken-scratching around big-box stores for specialty stuff like this is the best way I know to get a) disappointed, or more likely b) handed the WRONG thing by an eager but ignorant stockboy. – Harper - Reinstate Monica May 18 at 17:52

Every electric supply house I have been to sells LFMC by the foot, it's about $2/foot. Call it "metallic liquidtight", if you call it LFMC they often look at you funny and don't know what you are asking for. I wouldn't even try a big box store and chance getting something imported that doesn't satisfy UL360 and NEC 501 as specified in your document.

I would stop the NM before entering the sauna, NM is not allowed in "damp" locations, and I'm sure the sauna would qualify as such. Being in a junction box that opens inside a damp location is normally interpreted as in the damp location, and I wouldn't attempt to argue that with an inspector.

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  • I doubt the big-box stores would be selling non-listed liquidtight, either...the more likely issue would be you getting LFNC instead of LFMC (i.e. carflex instead of sealtite) – ThreePhaseEel May 18 at 23:33

Good ol' ebay. Found someone selling Sealtite HTUA in various lengths with fittings. I bought an outdoor metal box with a moisture resistant cover (w/gasket) that I will mount entirely inside the sauna behind the heater. Thanks for all the responses!

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