I have a tub and shower with a fiberglass (resin? polymer? not tile at any rate!) multi-piece surround. I want to install a new shower head with an adjustable height on a slide bar and a wand so my growing kids can more easily wash up.

I know the new shower head will have to be anchored to the wall somehow. I would be comfortable attaching it to tile, holes and anchors are no problem there. How should I attach it to the shower surround?

I found a random Delta model installation instructions which says to use toggles. I don't perceive fiberglass to be all that strong. Am I mistaken about the strength? Is there a better way to anchor the slide bar?

Before I start this project what should I locate or identify? Are there structural features on a surround I should try to hit or avoid?

I have access to the other side of the wall. Should I locate studs? Mark out plumbing locations?

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