This is my first post and first DIY Repair project. This shower is about 12 years old. At first I noticed a column of increasingly bulging 4-5 tiles near the door of my shower. The other side of the shower is a dry wall/plaster wall with a rusted crack line from water damage probably from water seeping through cracked grout lines of the bulging tiles in the shower.

Rust along wallscrap between water damaged wall

hole after cleaning out the debris from the bottom of the plaster wall

After scraping at the wall, I noticed the metal corner bead from inside the dry wall is rusted and after cleaning up the debris from the bottom of the dry wall I can see that there’s a cement backing probably for the shower side which the tiles are affixed on.

My questions are 1)for the bulging tiles inside the shower. I have already dug out the old grout and the sides which are not aligned since it’s bulging can I seal it with caulk to prevent water penetrating again? Or would I have to pull the tiles out which may be a project bigger than I can handle.

column of 5 bulging tiles

2) For the water damaged wall. It seems to be a plaster wall on top of a metal and thin board of some sort. Since only the corner vertical metal strip have been eroded and apart from the bottom bit most of the wall is still intact. The bits bulging out with rust, can they be caulked then using wall mesh be patched by using compound that I have then painted? Or do I have to rip the wall out? Which is a huge job I’m not prepared for.

metal scrap that came off behind plaster wall

Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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