Does anyone know if televisions usually share the same code for power when transmitting on a remote? I have a location on a covered patio that I would like to place a TV that is near a wall mounted TV indoors. Using the Toshiba FireTV remote does indeed accidentally control the indoor TV when outdoors. My concern is if I order another identical, or even a Roku TV that I will have that issue. Any way to ensure remotes are 1-to-1 for a given television?

  • the Toshiba remote will very likely control most Toshiba TVs ... i doubt that it will control devices from other manufacturers – jsotola May 6 at 0:54
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    My experience is that remotes, even from the same manufacturer but for different models, are almost never fully compatible. Would a universal remote control help? See cnet.com/news/best-universal-remote-in-2020 . Prices range from~US$12 on up. – DrMoishe Pippik May 6 at 2:33

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