When I turn on the hose outside my house, pictured below, water pours out of the top of it and goes all over the place.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this without having to replace the whole thing? Does anyone recognize this component and can recommend a part ?

leaky water house faucet

And here is what it looks like off: waterhoseoff

water hose cover off

water hose faucet it

water hose faucet side logo id

  • Can you turn that top piece clockwise and tighten it up? It looks like an extra port on the spigot. – JACK May 3 at 20:11
  • I tightened it all the way, this is what it looks like – CodyBugstein May 3 at 20:20
  • 1
    Can you turn off the water and remove that piece? Maybe a washer is missing inside. – JACK May 3 at 20:44
  • As Jack stated, it looks like another hose connection without a hose connected to it. With the water off, can you provide a pic of the end or top of the part that is leaking. – Programmer66 May 3 at 20:45
  • @JACK has the answer, you need a hose washer under that cap... – Jimmy Fix-it May 4 at 5:04

The anti-siphon part on top is broken. You need to determine the brand and purchase the replacement part for the anti-siphon.

The brand can be seen here. Take a photo of the brand here.

enter image description here

For the similiar style shown in my comment earlier, a replacement part is sold. If your faucet is a PRIER or Mansfield, this is the part needed.

enter image description here

You would order a similar part/kit for your brand.

You can unscrew the plastic part, It is most likely cracked to gush that much water. Try this universal replacement part shown in this Youtube video.

Replacing part with universal repair kit

I found this part, which looks identical to your photo. Remove the plastic piece and see if it looks like this.

enter image description here
IF the right blue handle is turned inline with the outlet, water should come out, even if the top cap is leaking.

This part can be purchase here.

enter image description here

You stated you didn't want to replace the whole fixture, It might be easier (@ more cost) to replace the whole faucet with a similar type.
Another solution is to replace the broken faucet with a standard hose faucet, and add a vacuum breaker part on the hose bib end.

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  • So to summarize, you reckon I just need to purchase that part you linked to ? – CodyBugstein May 6 at 20:05
  • Yes, unscrew the plastic part from your faucet, it should look similar to the part I showed in my Ans. If it looks the same or similar purchase the part and try it. If it does not, post a picture of the piece that you removed so we have a better understanding of the part that is needed. after removal, you should be able to tell why it is failing (leaking) – Programmer66 May 6 at 20:21
  • Thank you I'm going to make a trip to Home Depot and update you – CodyBugstein May 6 at 20:27
  • This may be stupid, but open up the two lower blue valves and see if it still leaks. To open, turn the handle in line with the hose outlets. – Programmer66 May 6 at 20:28
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    Take the part with you when you go to HD – Programmer66 May 6 at 21:26

The reason it cracked most common cause is; the water wasn t turned off and the hose wasn t disconnect during cold weather. Just suggestion for the future.

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  • Where do you see a crack ? – CodyBugstein May 6 at 20:02

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