The connection from the spray hose to my kitchen faucet was made out of the cheapest of plastic and started leaking. I purchased a "universal" spray hose replacement at the local hardware store. In the course of removing the old hose, all the brittle plastic tabs snapped and I'm left with the a brass connector on the pipe into the faucet that has two small o-rings and then a couple small grooves.

Unfortunately, none of the connectors included in the kit seem to match up. What are my options?

Edit: the original connector looked like the one pictured in this video: https://youtu.be/BpvqiO7iLk4

However, mine completely disintegrated when trying to remove it.

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The connection is a specialty assembly specific to that brand of faucet. You will need to either find a plumbing shop that has exact replacement parts (as opposed to some "universal" assembly; which actually isn't, obviously) or source the parts from Delta as the person in your linked video did.

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