I have W9RXXMFWQ00 that isn't working anymore unless I hit it, so I'm assuming the thermostat is broken.

A replacement thermostat is 150$ so that is out of the question

I was wondering if anyone ever used a temperature relay such as Siemens 3RS1 or something like that to act as a thermostat?

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    Step zero - verify your diagnosis.... – Ecnerwal Apr 30 at 1:03

I see no reason why a device such as the Siemens 3RS1 could not be adapted to control a refrigerator. I'm assuming you have one on hand as the price of one of these is close to the $150 that you are saying is out of the question.

Keep in mind that this device has no built-in thermometer, so you'll need to add an appropriate one of your own. Also be aware of the output capacity so that you don't damage it by switching the compressor on and off.

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  • Yes, I do have a bunch on hand along with thermocouples of all kind. Sorry I forgot to specifify! – user3768729 Apr 30 at 0:10
  • Thanks for your answer! I had the same thoughts as you but was worried I was forgetting something – user3768729 Apr 30 at 0:12

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