I need to replace the entire outdoor spigot (sillcock), the shutoff valve that goes with it (because it is old and leaking), and some polybutylene pipe in the process. I have included several photos for reference.

Do I need to replace the entire copper tee that the poly pipe is attached to (and solder a new one), or can I remove the poly connection to the copper tee and add PEX there, keeping the current copper tee (that is good shape)? If so, how do I remove the poly from the tee?

Lastly, can I add an additional PEX line to another spigot from here (I would attach another tee connection next to the current one, with PEX running to the sillcock to the right and PEX running to another sillcock to the far left.

Thank you! enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Is there a problem with the polybutylene pipe, Why do you want to remove it ? – Alaska Man Apr 29 at 18:16
  • @AlaskaMan, polybutylene is notorious for leaking. I already need to replace the shutoff valve (because it is faulty and leaking) and add a new sillcock, so I thought I would go ahead and remove the poly as well since it's not good to have in your house. If I am replacing those two things, and adding the additional spigot in the other direction, I thought it easier to remove the pipe – Joel Apr 29 at 23:02

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