One of my yard PVC pipe spouted gravel and soil a couple of weeks ago. I tried to clear it but it is backed up as far as I could reach - a couple of feet. Any ideas as to what this is, what caused and what I need to do?

  • you'd have to clarify what you mean. Perhaps a picture would help – Ack Apr 27 at 20:48

It's a drainage PVC pipe, right?

You could use one of these wet/dry vacuum cleaners than can suck water as well as dust or gravel. If you push the hose inside your PVC pipe you could suck the gravel out. It's probably the least annoying way of doing it.

enter image description here

Since gravel doesn't flow very well in a horizontal pipe, I doubt your entire length of pipe will be filled with it. Once you take it out, maybe you can look inside the pipe and see the cause, perhaps the pipe is broken?

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    Empty the vac often. A vac full of gravel is VERY heavy. – Ecnerwal Apr 28 at 0:47

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