I installed a new fan motor on my Trane condenser. It's 240V three-wire Genteq motor that's described as clockwise shaft-up rotation


Wiring diagram on the fan shows purple and brown connected to a 30/5uf capacitor and black as line (L2). Fan resistance - purple to black is 40 ohms and brown to black is 60 ohms indicating that the brown is start and purple is run. Capacitor is known to be good and wired with fan brown lead to FAN and fan purple lead to HERM. Capacitor common is L1.

Black fan wire is connected to black side of the contactor - L2. In this configuration the fan runs counter-clockwise shaft-up. When polarity is reversed and improper to the fan wiring diagram, fan runs clockwise shaft-up.

I'm out of ideas on what can be wrong.

Sorry for the poor quality pics.

image image image image image

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