I have seen that continuous headers can be problematic due to lateral forces. However, in my situation the "header" is actually a 4x6 purlin which is above the top plate.

enter image description here

The original purpose of the purlin is to support the oversized overhang on the left (2'). But after putting it into the design I realized it was redundant to have a 4x6 above the windows followed by a 2x6 header above each window, so I removed the individual headers above each window. Is having a continuous header like this problematic in this case?

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    I would say a single would be better than multiples that is a load bearing wall, over hang or not would require a header. In either case there would be concern with shear forces. If you live in an earthquake zone or high wind area the county may want a engineering stamp on the design. – Ed Beal Apr 24 '20 at 14:28
  • I agree, this would take some engineering given that there are only 3 walls here as well. – represton Apr 24 '20 at 16:41

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