I have quite an old Electrolux oven (model number EOB 51001), which has started making a loud vibration noise instantly as soon as it is turned on. This happens when turning it to any setting other than off, including grill or even just the light being turned on. So this rules out the main oven fan - it definitely isn't that. The sound seems to be coming from somewhere around the top of the oven, near the front.

Grateful for any suggestions on what might be causing this and how to rectify.

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    If even turning on a light starts the noise, it's probably coming from the input power-handling system. I'm guessing there's a multi-tap transformer there and any current draw is causing it to buzz. Apr 22 '20 at 17:25
  • Thanks - this sounds a likely explanation. Sounds like I'll just have to live with it or replace the oven then... Apr 23 '20 at 8:33
  • Update: Not long after this was posted, the oven stopped heating altogether (grill still worked but not oven) and so it was replaced. Jan 21 at 15:23

If it is only associated with heating, it is likely that one of your heating elements has cracked and is arcing. This is only going to get worse and is dangerous, you need to get it serviced ASAP.

  • Thanks for the answer but it isn't only associated with heating - the noise happens even when just turning the knob to the setting with the light bulb symbol (couldn't find this mentioned in the instructions but it seems to just turn the light on and do nothing else). Apr 23 '20 at 8:32

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