I'm in the UK, very old flat, I want to add an SFCU spur (to be on the safe side) for an electric oven. I have two practical questions regarding the double socket wiring in the picture.

  1. How come there is one pair of black & red coming from one conduit and two pair of black & red from the other?

First off, I don't see any nearby spur so shouldn't there be just two blacks and two reds (and two bares)? So where is the earth? The green seems to be just a short wire to the case.

  1. I hope my nightmare won't come true and you don't tell me I must not spur off this socket. Then given we work out the connections, how would I stuff a fourth cable under a single screw, i mean I can try but isn't that a really bad practice? Would buying a modern socket make it easier?

enter image description here

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    if that is metal conduit, a connection to the conduit suffices for an earth connection. – Jasen Apr 18 at 23:26
  • Aa yes, it is metal :-) now makes sense! So i suppose once I get a T&E cable, I'll just connect the earth to the case as it also looks to be attached to both conduits by some kind of nuts or simply in good contact – Daniel Katz Apr 18 at 23:30
  • I'm a bit worried about it being described as an oven, it might need its own circuit - I'm not familiar with UK wiring practices. – Jasen Apr 19 at 0:20
  • Well it sais only 2.1kw and even the kettle has 1850W up to 2200W and does not need its own circuit. I also read elsewhere people suggest to someone to just plug the oven in the socket. That's why I'm not quite worried. – Daniel Katz Apr 19 at 9:44

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