I recently purchased this house so have inherited what is here.

My main panel is located in the attached garage. It is built into a semi-finished wall.
The previous owner cut a small "door/window" ( see photo ) in the drywall above the main panel - presumably to make fishing wires easier.

The "door" of drywall is only removable when removing the cover of the panel.

There is a similar situation below the main panel - with a section of what i think is MDF that is not attached. The way the MDF is situated I could not remove it without breaking it, but I can flex the top of it to see behind it.

I am updating some of my circuits so will need to have an inspection in the near future.

I'm curious if any of this is cause for concern?

Thanks for any help!

enter image description here

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Code requires the wires to be covered it doesn’t specify anything other than 1/2” Sheetrock or plywood. I do create access points in my home and some jobs that need them the only difference is I have a piece of trim over the cut usually held in place by Velcro. I can see an inspector having an issue with the cut especially if the wall is common with a living space , if an outside wall I doubt they would say anything.

Added for more info: Note sometimes these flaps are cut so the clamps can be installed. I use a plastic clamp called “insiders” Raco brand, punch the knockout feed the wire through the hole then slide the insider down the wire into the hole and it clamps the wire. I used to have to cut those flaps but with the insiders I just have to fish the wire through the hole. Note I have no links to these other than I love them and have been using them for quite a while saving time and $ even on new installs.


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