I have a WDT710PAYB5 Whirlpool dishwasher. We have noticed dishes are not always getting clean, and that white powder almost like the tablets are not dissolving is left on the plastic on top rack. I figured out how to run the diagnostics mode and get error codes. The first time I ran this, I got these in order

6-2 (Inlet Valve - Fill Valve Electrical Problem) 7-1 (Heating - No Heat) 10-1 (Other - Dispenser Electrical Problem) 8-2 (Draining - Drain Motor Electrical Problem)

The 8-2 draining issue I attribute to a clogged drain pipe that I have since resolved. My dishwasher appears to be filling with water and draining now, although perhaps it is not getting enough water? (I am actually about to measure drain output using buckets to confirm). Plastic is wet after cycle just like always, etc. Before I found error codes, it seemed my dishwasher was not getting hot (based on dish temperature after, steam upon open, etc). It sounds weird, but its like after I run the diagnostics test it is hot for a few loads (re-calibrating?). And I don't know what to make of the dispenser electrical problem, my tablet door and rinse aid both appear to be working.

After getting these error codes, I cleared them all, and ran another load to see what was triggered immediately after clearing. This time, in order, I got 10-1 and then 6-2. The drain code was gone as I expected (cleared the clog), but not sure why the heat code did not repeat, unless it reset for a temporary time.

Any help or debug tips appreciated. I suspect heat, so wondering if I take it out and inspect the obvious parts with meter. I want to know what I should check given the other error codes once I have it out, since at first glance I would not suspect filling inlet valve issue.

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