I am trying to remove some outdated, and possibly poorly laid out plumbing to create a new setup for a washer/dryer and sink. The current setup has a brass drain line a few feet above the ground and both the sink and washer feed an ejector pump that pushes up to the drain line. I am thinking about scraping the existing brass up to the T that goes to the pump and then relocating the laundry to the right wall using PVC. I have included a photo of the existing setup plus a really rough drawing of what I was thinking. I was hoping someone could let me know if I have any major design flaws in my drawing. Thanks in advance for the help and I look forward to both the good and bad feedback!

enter image description here enter image description here


The drawing looks good to me except that I would let the washer drain into the laundry tub since I do not believe the washer drain can pump it's water up-hill. Also, if that drain box is open on top, the pump may over power the rest of the drain piping and spill over flooding the basement.

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  • It looks like the original layout had a check valve to prevent backflowing over the washing machine drain. I'd keep that in your new layout. That pump looks pretty robust, capable of pretty high volume...just guessing, but I'd def keep the original check valve in your system. – George Anderson Apr 8 at 14:46

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