I'm looking at options for lighting my basement workshop. I really like these "canless" ones that would mount in the suspended ceiling. Interestingly, some come with junction boxes, but MANY do not--they just have the driver. I have no problem putting the driver in a junction box, but I need to seal the opening where the low voltage DC wire comes out (and goes to the light). For low voltage electronics, I would use a rubber grommet for this (with a slit in it because of the connector on the wire). Is this material OK (code compliant)? If not, what do you use?

To be clear, I'm asking about the material, not the clamping capabilities of the grommet. If you think the low voltage wire needs clamping, we can discuss, but that wire is already attached/clamped to the driver box.

Here's a pic of one of these lights: enter image description here

  • The light in the photo is sealed so it does not need a box, but i can not tell how the power transformer is supposed to connect to the power source. Can you provide a link to the spec sheet for the light in question ? It is unclear how you would be using the rubber grommet. More detail is needed. Why not just use a normal junction box clamp ? – Alaska Man Apr 6 at 18:30
  • I'm pretty sure 120V connections/splices need to be done inside a box. That driver's (you called it a transformer) inputs are 120V (see the two wires at the other end). Thus, the box is for the driver, not for the light. The DC wire is going to be pretty small--kinda like lamp wire. "Normal" junction box clamps are for nm cable. – Adirondack Jim Apr 6 at 19:03
  • I don't want to have the driver outside the box because it's another thing I have to mount & protect. Once inside the box, there will be two sets of wires: the 14/2 nm cable for the 120V input and the 12V DC output that goes to the light. The DC wire is going to be pretty small--kinda like lamp wire. "Normal" junction box clamps are for nm cable. There are no instructions for these. – Adirondack Jim Apr 6 at 19:18
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    a gromet acts as a shield ... it prevents wire from touching sharp edges – jsotola Apr 6 at 21:14
  • 1
    Clarification: when I said the low voltage wire is attached to the box, I was referring to the box of the driver (not the junction box I want to put the driver in). – Adirondack Jim Apr 11 at 16:14

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