Need fencing type/material to use to block low hum of pool pump located 12’ to 15’ from family room hurricane impact windows. Planning to erect 6’ high fence on property line between houses spanning about 18’. Pump used on high and low speed creating noise as neighbor does not know how to maintain pool.


You'd need a fence at least as high as the wavelength, with substantial mass, and for a 60 Hz hum, for example, that's a 5 meter (15 ft) high fence, made of concrete, such as used for highway sound barriers.

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    Probably cheaper to offer to pay for a soundproof enclosure for his pump. – JRaef Apr 8 at 22:56
  • Yea 15 feet would be to high. Since there are schrubs around pump/motor platform I would need a box like enclosure over pump alone but overhead piping makes it difficult to design and create. Any suggestions? – user115579 Apr 11 at 14:44

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