I removed a light/ceiling fan that had a pull string when we installed my son's bunk bed (we didn't want the fan blades knocking him in the head). We now want to install just a ceiling light. There is electrical at the light location but no wall switch. What wireless options for a ceiling light are there so my son can turn on the light when he walks into the room?


You can use something like this, if there is room in the fixture:

wireless socket

The switch just mounts on the wall and uses a battery. There is no direct wiring to the fixture. This company also makes a hand held remote that would work with the socket adapter (instead of or in addition to the switch) as well:


There are also hard wired switching units that fit in a junction box, such as this one

remote hard wire unit

This last one uses the Z-Wave remote system and needs compatible remote controls.

I would not suggest using a fan control box because there is much less venting/air space in a junction box than in a fan housing.

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