My stove vent is not pulling enough air but the exhaust on the outside of my house is flowing really good. The metal grease filters have been replaced (in fact with the grease filters removed it still doesnt pull good air). The fans both spin just fine and like I said the exhaust on the outside of the house is blowing plenty of air. Need help please?

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    Is it possible there is a leak or opening in the vent duct? – jwh20 Mar 31 at 19:57
  • Has there been a change? How did you determine that it's not pulling enough air? That's very subjective and I would like to understand what it means to you – Ack Mar 31 at 20:21
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    I checked the vent duct and its no hole or leakage. – Tim L Mar 31 at 20:45
  • No change, hasnt been touched. The determination that its not pulling enough air is when I cook something and if it happens to smoke/burn my house gets filled with smoke to the point of the smoke detectors. Also I do the tissue test and it really is week. I do light a match, blow it out and watch the smoke gently go into the fan – Tim L Mar 31 at 20:47
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    Open a window or door to provide make up air. A tightly sealed home may not allow the exhaust fan to function right. – Kris Mar 31 at 20:51

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