First some context:

  • Geographical location: City of Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Building: Residential detached garage.
  • Goal: To keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Approach: kraft paper faced fiberglass batt insulation was stapled between the rafters. Now I thought I was finished...not:

Problem: The paper facing states (readable from within the garage):

WARNING! This facing will burn. Do not leave exposed. It must be covered with gypsum board or other code-approved materials and installed in compliance with all building codes. To prevent a fire, keep open flames and other sources of heat away from the facing.

The product documentation, consistently, states:

Kraft and standard foil facing will burn. Do not leave exposed. Facing must be installed in substantial contact with an approved ceiling, floor or wall material.

Question: Is it allowed to staple an aluminium foil radiant barrier (assume fire rating Class A / Class 1, ASTM E-84) over the paper facing to meet code as shown in the figure below? It's easier to install compared to drywall.

Schematic Garage roof cross-section



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