First of all, I'm a bit embarrassed I cannot figure this out myself. I have looked up Youtube videos, Google searched but I didn't find any exact video.

Plus I have tried pressing it hard, lifting but it seems very hard - just hurts my thumb. I don't want to call an electrician or tell my landlord but I can't sleep with this chirp going on as well. Can anyone help?


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    There's a possibility of a pin that keeps the battery hatch "locked". (It's a landlord thing where they don't want tenants tampering.) – Aloysius Defenestrate Mar 27 '20 at 22:57
  • Where can that pin be? – user113871 Mar 27 '20 at 23:02
  • Also, looking at the manual if there was a pin - I wouldn't have been able to turn and remove it. – user113871 Mar 27 '20 at 23:08

Push the tab toward the arrow and then lift it up. Good luck

  • How can I tell the model number of this? Btw, I tried pushing the tab but it just doesn't move or shift. – user113871 Mar 27 '20 at 23:08
  • Does it also mean the whole alarm should have been replaced by 2014? – user113871 Mar 27 '20 at 23:14
  • yes, they are good for 10 years and then need to be replaced. It's about the sensor life span. Just replace it – Ack Mar 27 '20 at 23:15

You might want to check a calander!

enter image description here

contact your municipal authprity for instructions on how to correctly dispose of radioactive spmoke alarms.


Push tab in the other direction, then lift

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    It worked. Cool. – user113871 Mar 27 '20 at 23:17

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