I'm wondering what kind of glass this window is made of. Is this a "strong" window like laminate? Finally, is it safe to apply a film such as tint or "security film"?

Window Edge

Window Markings


Regular glass Not laminate or tempered Yes, you can apply films to it

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  • Thanks. May I ask how you determined that (visually or by the label inscribed in the corner?) – Bort Mar 20 at 23:36
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    Tempered normally says that in the text on it. – Ecnerwal Mar 21 at 0:53
  • As Ecnerwal noted, if it's tempered, it says so. This doesn't say so. That it's a window in the corner of the wall and off the floor indicate that tempered glass isn't necessary in this area. The only reason it would be required is if there were a door located on the side of the window that we can not see – Ack Mar 21 at 1:19

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