I have this at home: Glue

and I need to solvent-weld these abs drain piping:

pipe and elbow

Can I avoid purchasing solvent cement? Or would that present some problem?


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According to the marking on the tube it's rated for both EN14680 (Adhesives for non-pressure thermoplastics piping systems) as well as EN14814 (Adhesives for thermoplastic piping systems for fluids under pressure).
The product datasheet I found says:

Tangit PVC-U is suitable for producing tensile stress resistant connections between pipes (e.g. drinking water and gas pipes) and fittings made of PVC-U* in compliance with the recommendations of the German Plastic Pipe Association. *PVC-U = rigid PVC

But - on page 2 it says:

The recommended product for pipes made of ABS is Tangit ABS

My best guess is that it'll probably work sorta-kinda-ok-ish, but I wouldn't use your PVC-U on ABS pipes except as a last resort in a non-demanding application.

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