I have the below cable in my garage and I am not clear if it is a two or a three wire cable. I was convinced it is a two wire but after researching I am now seeing it could be a three.

enter image description here

This is related to this question.

Here is the picture that confirms the presence of the ground wire:

enter image description here

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    14/2 has two conductors and a ground,3 wires in total.
    – Ken Pryor
    Feb 20, 2020 at 0:35

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The most common type of cable used in houses is technically known as NMD 90 (Non-Metallic Dry service cable rated at maximum of 90 degrees Celsius). It is usually a plastic white covered cable. This cable comes with two or more conductors and includes a ground wire (bare wire). Your cable has 2 conductors and a ground.


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