I bought this valve which I believe is 1/2" IPS:

enter image description here

And I have shower hose that according to Home Depot compatibility board is "1/4 brass pipe" (or "3/8 brass pipe" with the adapter I have).

enter image description here

What adapter do I need to connect that hose to the valve? I guess I am confused how "brass pipe" standard is being called outside Home Depot.

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    Unless I'm misunderstanding your question just take the adaptor and hose into HD and they'll fix you right up. Admittedly, it can be tough to find someone in that department - but that's the easiest.
    – HoneyDo
    Feb 16, 2020 at 0:24
  • @HoneyDo I asked for help but the employee gave the "It looks like we don't carry these" answer. So I would like to order from Amazon, but I am not sure what exactly I need to buy. Feb 16, 2020 at 0:31
  • Why use that type of thermostatic valve for a shower? Grohe and others do thermostatic showers that are designed with an on/off as well as temperature cotrol...
    – Solar Mike
    Feb 16, 2020 at 5:57
  • @SolarMike It is for salon spa sink and was the most reasonable price as on egress water I put a cheap $10 one way valve. The other thermostatic valves I could find are either wall mount or expensive. Feb 16, 2020 at 6:36
  • Is IPS threading compatible with NPT threading? - no.... 3/8" IPS male to 3/8" NPT male, to, 3/8" female to 1/2" NPT female, to, 1/2" NPT male to 1/2" IPS female. ... Or get just get an 1/2" IPS line. But I'm not sure if burying IPS inside a wall is code compliant, which would be why this thing has no means of fastening and is cheap af.
    – Mazura
    Mar 18, 2020 at 18:23

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There are countless plumbing adapters made for the seemingly infinite number of combinations a person might want to connect. It's nice when we can find a single fitting that does exactly what was needed, but a home center like Home Depot carries a relatively small selection of adapters. A person can almost always make a given connection by using a combination of two or more in-stock parts. It is not viewed as wrong, improper, nor unprofessional to use a combination of whatever is available to get the job done.

It would be great if you could find a reducing coupling -- that's a part which is female threaded on both sides, but one side is threaded smaller than the other. Sometimes called a bell reducer.

If you can't find a reducer of the right size then try for a reducer where at least the large side fits (ie 1/2 IPS to fit your valve). Failing that, get an ordinary coupler. In both cases you can use a bushing to reduce the final size to match the thread of your hose.

I can't quite tell, but it looks as if the hose has a female connection. I have on occasion seen male-to-male adapters of different sizes. You might be able to find one of these that fits your hose and steps up to, or closer to, the 1/2 target size (and then finish the connection with a coupler). If not then just use a regular nipple if needed.

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