The city responded to a water main break down the block last night. When they shut off the water to repair it, a bathroom faucet started to drip at the spout. It was more like a thin stream/dripping. I opened and closed the faucet; no difference in the stream open or closed. This is a second story faucet. When opening other faucets on that level there was no pressure at all. The water supply is back on now and the faucet is not dripping. I figure this is an early sign of something. The fixture is about 25 years old. Could you please comment on what could be wrong and what I should do about it. Thanks for your help.

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Single handle faucets or washer less actually use the pressure as part of the mechanism to stop the flow, when the pressure is reduced two far some start dripping. I usually have standard rubber washers and several sizes of O-rings for washerless faucets to replace when they start dripping, if after the pressure is restored the drip has stopped I would not worry until it starts dripping with normal pressure. Usually once a washerless starts dripping you have months to repair.

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