What is the best way to ground a IBT? To the main panel ground bar? directly to the UFER grounding electrodes? Or to install the IBT on the meter base?

  • Can you not get access to the Grounding Electrode Conductor itself? – ThreePhaseEel Feb 13 at 23:46
  • Yes, we can, house is still in rough-in stage...that's why I mentioned directly to the UFER ground as a potential (no pun intended). – George Anderson Feb 14 at 0:00

D) None of the above

Most purpose-made Intersystem Bonding Termination devices are designed with a lay-in lug as part of them, designed to connect to a wire-type Grounding Electrode Conductor without disrupting the GEC, which is required by NEC 250.64(C) point 1 to be unspliced save for exothermic welds or irreversable compression splices. As thus, I would do just that, mounting the device at a convenient point along the GEC and routing the GEC through the lay-in lug to make the connection.

If that is not an option, I would use a Burndy BDT mounted to the service equipment cabinet, with a minimum 6AWG bare copper bonding jumper inside the enclosure connecting the device to a ground bar. This avoids having to reroute the GEC itself while still providing a convenient intersystem bonding termination point.

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  • So would it be OK to simply run a ground wire to the UFER electrodes fro the IBT and call it good? BTW, that was one of the above options in my OP. – George Anderson Feb 14 at 3:18
  • Yeah, that works. I thought your question implied attaching the IBT directly to the rebar stubup on the Ufer electrode or somesuch :p (which would be legal, but very, very odd) – ThreePhaseEel Feb 14 at 3:36

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