per this post,

Resilient channel is a thin metal channel that is intelligently designed to

substantially improve the sound insulation of drywall, sheetrock, plasterboard walls

and ceilings. The channel effectively isolates drywall from the framing studwork,

which results in the weakening of sound waves substantially.

Is the following image the section of a Resilient channel?

enter image description here

The key is the air space at the right side, which cannot be connected to the connect studs. Is my understanding right?


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Yes it is resilient channel, called RC1. The website you linked to has all that information.

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    The purpose of the unusual shape is to isolate the wallboard from the stud framing for sound control. (Wallboard on each side of a stud wall is like a drum...noise easily travels through the wallboard fastened to the stud.)
    – Lee Sam
    Jan 29, 2020 at 20:07

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