Am in need of an outdoor camera housing that would fit under an awning, against a house wall, but follow the curves of those two surfaces (as in a right angled back), which would also have the clear panel that the camera could see out of facing down the wall, perhaps a slightly angle out from it.

What have others done to provide an indoor camera protection from the elements in this way before?

  • Can you provide a picture, or two? That helps a lot with these kinds of issues. – SteveSh Jan 29 at 12:28
  • You can surely get, or even fabricate, a weather-tight box. But why? Why not just install an outdoor-rated camera? Your question seems very broad. Without knowing what you've tried already, and what your specific constraints are, it's impossible to know what the right answer is. – Peter Duniho Jan 29 at 17:38
  • @SteveSh - Will capture some pictures this weekend, when I can get natural light on the install location. – user66001 Jan 30 at 4:40
  • @PeterDuniho - Because I already have a suitable camera to use. I have not tried anything (was hoping that there was a commercially available solution, but have searched the likes of Amazon without luck). Constraint is only that it is waterproof; has space inside for one of those indoor cameras that are in black housing, has a U mounting on it, that are so prevalent a shape and size on Amazon/the like that I swear it is a industry standard; and is of the shape and has a 'window' on the side mentioned in the question. Any other information needed? – user66001 Jan 30 at 4:43
  • "I already have a suitable camera to use" -- judging from your question, I'd say that actually, you don't. But, if you have a specific camera you intend to put in the box, your question should include details about that exact camera. – Peter Duniho Jan 30 at 5:22

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